Pronunciation - Accent Reduction

Why is changing my pronunciation so difficult?

When we learn a new language, we might become very good at grammar and vocabulary, but many people notice that their accent doesn't change. This has to do with how the sounds of our native language get imprinted on the brain, which changes in puberty. After that time, it becomes very difficult for most people to learn a new language without the particular accent of their mother tongue. Remember that it’s ok to have an accent; it only becomes a problem when other people can't understand you.

Many teachers don't feel comfortable teaching pronunciation because they simply don't know how to. Even if you attend a class in which pronunciation is taught, every student from a different language background experiences challenges with different sounds. However, in a one-on-one class with me, you do not only get the attention you need, you will also benefit from my expertise with regards to recognizing the problems in your particular pronunciation and so that I can help you overcome them.